Monday, April 9, 2007

The fightback begins!

At last! Notice is been taken of my warnings about the evils of goats!!,,2051980,00.html

The reach of them clearly goes beyond the boundaries of Crete/Greece and is obviously a world wide issue. Three cheers for Lynton Council is what I say!

Paleochora thinks.

Easter Sunday morning at 00.15: Judas burnt, fireworks going off madly and prettily then someone grabs a flare, runs on the Fortress walls with it and throws it down the slope. The result.....a nice Easter blaze and the fire engine is called out! Police are looking for a goat with a singed beard.

It's going to be interesting to see what come up on the burnt patch

(Just visible in the photo but it looks a lot worse in real life!)

Sunday 8 April 2007. The first serious sunbathers spotted on the beach; needless to say they were white in the morning and bright red by lunchtime.

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