Monday, April 16, 2007

It's spreading!

News has reached me from the depths of Sudan illustrating just how far these evil goats will go to infiltrate human society.


Paleochora thinks

Monday16 April 2007

19 degrees and cloudy.

Sat outside a taverna yesterday in the bright sunshine. The courtyard in which I was sitting is shaded by a combination of bamboo, grape vines and olive netting and on days like yesterday the boss cat, a big black and white tom, the scarred victor of many a cat fight, likes to sleep on top of the netting. About 15.00 along comes a youngish cat, obviously new to the taverna, which climbs up the tree and starts to stroll out on the olive net. A few seconds later there's a very loud scream as the newbie disturbs the boss from his slumbers. We await the noise of a fight but are greeted instead to a stream of cat urine trickling down...onto the bare head of an Austrian tourist sat at the table below.

Oh how we laughed.

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