Friday, April 13, 2007

What is going on?

Spotted this up in the hills yesterday. You can see the malice in it's heart by just looking at it!There was one of them at the start of the walk and a DIFFERENT TWO at the end! They're multiplying at an great rate and there seems to be more of them every day. There's clearly something going on here and I think we should be told!
The only sign of hope yesterday was one hanging upside down with its head chopped off and just about to be disembowled! I couldn't get a picture unfortunately because of the presence of a vegetarian in the car at the time

On an entirely different tack, Neil Gaimen is one of my favourite writers but even he seems to have fallen for their propaganda!
Paleochora thinks.
Friday 13 April (and I'm not going out just in case....)
Hot weather over the last few deays but very windy; so windy that the bourganvilla on the balcony tried to take off and emigrate to Libyia, taking half the support frame and the marble strip on top of the balcony wall with it.
Nice concert in the community centre last night. We went out at 21.00 to see it and it finally kicked off at 23.00 with the guest star appearing at midnight! If it hadn't been for his expertise on the lyra I might have suspected he was a goat giveen the amount of retsina he forced me to drink.

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