Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back with a warning to all in Surrey!

After a short break (what's a few years between friends) I'm back and still seeking to alert the world to the danger of goats.

My return was prompted by the fact that the malign influence is now apparently spreading to my current part of the world.

Is this the sort of thing we should be letting our children, or even our adults, be involved in? I'm refering of course to the outbreak of insanity that has struck the once quite sane village of Seething, located deep in the depths of the Surry countryside, and their attempts to revive the commemoration of Lefi Ganderson, ‘The Goat Boy of Seething’.

( )

I was going to put a picture of
Lefi Ganderson here but frankly
it's too shocking even for experienced
goat watchers, so you'll just have
to use your imagination: whatever
you do, don't visit the site above
unless you're accompanied by a
parent or three.

I think that given the evidence that's all around them of the evil that is inherent in goats, the organisers should be rethink this misguided idea - next they'll be suggesting that eating goat cheese can be pleasurable.