Monday, April 23, 2007

They've found me!

The memsahib woke me the other morning with the immortal words:

"You are right sir, they are after you!"

To explain, our apartment is built into the walls of an old Venetian fortress and the roof of the utility room backs onto the fortress slope. There on the roof, gazing down into the kitchen, was a goat; one of a party that had infiltrated through the fortress, down the slope and were now surrounding us!
Remembering my military training in the good old Indian Army of the Raj, and my many happy days spent up the Khyber Pass, I did the only thing sensible and sent the memsahib out with a white flag to wave at them.

In their usual cowardly fashion they retreated at the first sign of the memsahib trying to surrender.
Paleochora thinks:
Monday 23 April, 22 degrees at 10.50, high wind from the east and lots of Libyan sand around
Dinner the other night at the apartment attended by, amongst others, a pair of 4 years and 364 day old twins and Manolis our 5 year old neighbour. A full report will be posted when I recover, in approx 2027.

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