Friday, March 30, 2007

What do goats play?

It has not been suggested to me by someone who shall remain nameless but who, for the sake of argument and in the probably vain hope that he'll reward me handsomly for the gratuitious mention, we'll call Barry at the Calypso Restaurant, Paleochora (dodgy chairs but a good stool guaranteed*, that goats play one of these things;
a ukephone.

I think that's a very silly idea.

For a start anybody who knows anything about goats will realise that they are tone deaf and hence more likely to play a melodeon and/or bagpipes. (Just thought; some sorts of bagpipes are made from complete goatskins, minus the goat, so they may not in fact play them. The again, given their evil and perverted nature, they might just take a great delight in blowing into the vacant skin of one of their close relatives....I know I would.)
*Very bad joke courtesy of :

Paleochora thinks.

Saturday 31 March 2007

Rain last night but weather has been lovely and warm otherwise. Big fun yesterday was watching the police 4x4 blocking the main road while the policeman had a nice long chat with one of his mates and the queue of traffic grew longer and longer. Eventually the driver of the local, and almost only, bus got out of his cab and come to ask the plod to move, an act of supreme bravery in my humble opinion.

The smell of paint and varnish fills the air as more and more of the taverna and restaurant owners come back and start getting ready to open: unlike Barry at the Calypso Restaurant ( who's been open all winter. (That enough of a plug Barry?)

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