Sunday, March 18, 2007

What is the truth about Goats?

18 March 2007 The Start

Here on the lovely island of Crete (for our American friends that's off Greece, Europe) we are faced with a problem...Goats.
I first became aware of their evil plan to take over the world when, up in the hills above Paleochora, I saw hanging from a tree, the skull of a goat. Why was it there?

After a while it occured to me that I'd been watched by goats ever since I got to Crete in April 2006; everywhere you go there are goats. Big ones, little ones, medium sized ones and all inbetween ones. Then it hit me, the theory, not the goat.

Could it be that there was something going on that the goats didn't want us to know about and that the skull belonged to a goat that had threatened to betray the conspiracy?

Could it be that goats are planning to take over the world, starting with Crete.

Since that fateful day I've been gathering evidence that goats are in fact plotting a takeover; not sure if aliens in area 51 are involved but I suspect Cretan cats might be planning to play some part in the plot and if they, the cats, ever learn how to use tin openers then we're all doomed!

Paleochora thinks.

(BTW, Paleochora is on the bottom left hand corner of Crete, just before you drop off the edge.)
Sunday morning; 10.20 ish with the temp 17 degrees and light cloud, no wind. The wind last week was unfortunate to say the least, it was lovely in the sun and shelter but blowing force 5 in any exposed spot.
Looking forward to the summer after a warm(ish compared to London) winter and the chance to get back in the water.

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