Saturday, March 24, 2007

This is getting out of hand!

Sunday 25 March 2007

(The photo is of a type of goat called a "non sequitur", a very dangerous breed since they can be found anywhere.)

Looking on the Internet the other day, as was my want, I came across two links that I think are yet more proof that the little buggers are planning something serious. They’ve apparently started infiltrating the media, at least what passes for media in America, and they have go at least one overt group of supporters. See:


Why, I hear you ask, or at least hear somebody ask, would they want to publicise the fact that some of them faint? I think the answer is that they are trying to get gullible people to take pity on them; once the soft hearted ones do so and take them into their homes then the goats will strike! Personally I’ve never seen one faint, they always just stare at me with evil in their eyes and a sarcastic sneer on their lips possibly because they know I’m on to them.

BTW: Does the word “Kidnap” have anything to do with them? Too much of a coincidence I think!

Paleochora thinks.

The clocks changed and the weather appears to have done so as well. The 36 hour thunderstorm which changed the main street into a river is now a thing of the past and the forecast is for fine weather for at least the next few days. Just as well really since it’s Greek Independence Day and there’s a big parade in town at 11.00 (Greek time) this morning.

Last night I had my second Gyros Plate since arriving here in April 2006 and this morning I remember why I swore never to have another after the first!

Good news... Terry the tailless Lizard (tail chopped off by an accident in a sliding door last summer) was back with us and was seen basking in the sun on the veranda last week.

Bad news.... Having survived both the amputation of his tail and the winter, Terry went to the Great Lizard Home in the sky the other day when some person or persons unknown stepped on the silly bugger who was too well camouflaged for his own good!

Ah well, such is life!

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