Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spy on the hill

Weds 21 March 2007

Off for a botanising trip this morning and went past the “goat skull tree”, the site of the sighting that lead to the "theory of goats".
Sure enough, up on the hill, there it was, looking at us from a moderate distance, a goat. I couldn’t see if it was writing anything down but I suspect it was.

My botanising companion, aka my wife, suggested the only reason it didn’t attack was because she was there and there might be one of us left alive to tell the tale but I know that the only reason we are still alive is because it was a reconnaissance goat and hence unarmed. This was after patting me on the head and saying something that sounded like "There, there, dear, don't worry; just take one of your pink pills".
Yesterday on my trip out, there were no goats…I suspect they were off at a conference somewhere and I think I might have a photograph of the venue somewhere.
There was, yesterday, however, an outbreak of “Goats Beard”….just shows how far into the scientific community they’ve managed to infiltrate.

Paleochora thinks.

Cloudy but warm- 20 degrees at noon. Forecast is for miserable cold and wet weather for the next day or so.

They’ve started repairing the road in the middle of town….for repairing read dumping a bag of ready made tarmac in the hole and hitting it with a shovel until it’s almost flat with the road surface. At the same time they’ve dug up a water main…… again. Reminds me of the "Kosovan Tatrmac Liberation Front" and their efforts on the main road (only road) out of town to the big cities of the North.
The sport at lunchtime was watching a Greek drive manoevour his Opel Astra around the bollards closing the road and then complaining to the workmen that he couldn’t get past the two lorries and the JCB that were there working on the water main.


Barry & Jenny said...

ck. You've got far too much time on your hands, mate. Pop into CALYPSO 'The finest restaurant in Paleochora' and pick up a novel from our bookshelf.

nog bad the improbable said...

Would that be the Calypso of infamy? Anyway, I've read all the good books on your book shelf!