Friday, March 23, 2007

Possible Goat HQ?

23 March 2007

Possible Goat HQ?

Spotted this up in the mountains above Spaniakos when out botanising. I suspect it might be the Goat HQ for the area.

Goat activity is increasing with them apparently recruiting sheep to carry out kamikaze attacks on our car. Fortunately the sheep were too stupid to do the job properly and instead of throwing themselves off the bank onto the car, they threw themselves off the road into an olive grove…a lucky escape there!

Paleochora thinks
12.30 Friday 23 March temp: 18 degrees

Yesterday it did piss down! The rain hardly stopped all day and the main road was like a river. Fortunately I managed to find shelter in a kafenion or three so missed the worst of it. Other than that it was quite warm and all the indications are that spring has definitely sprung.

The local kids are getting ready for the weekend Independence Day celebration and no doubt praying the rain holds off.

12.15. Just had a nice heavy hail shower but the skies have now cleared.

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