Monday, July 2, 2007

Another evil plot thwarted!

I’m back!

The lack of recent postings on this blog have been down to the fact that site was hacked into by goats in a vain attempt on their part to stop me revealing the truth!

The evil ones got at the control panel and changed the language to Greek, knowing full well that my command of the Greek language is roughly equal to the amount of intelligence and common sense possessed by George W. Bush.

I eventually managed to find a Greek helper who was prepared to risk the wrath of the goats and he very kindly helped me get back on track at great personal risk to his own sanity. To protect him from goatish retaliation I have promised not to reveal that his name is Alexandros.

As you can see above, their military activity is increasing…out the other day and I came across one preparing for a parachute jumping – he was starting with a short drop with a safety net underneath but it’s clear to me that this is just a preliminary for the real thing. Keep watching the sky!

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